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The Best Zipline Adventure: Ziplinning at California

The longest Zipline in the USA is specifically located at California. The Zipline adventure that you will experience in this place is going to be one of the most exiting and unusual adventure you will surely have. You will view spectacular scenes of Lake Tahoe as you fly down the Zipline at the Heavenly Mountain Resort at California.

The Zipline in this resort is measured to stretch around 3, 300 feet which make it as the longest Zipline in USA. You should be prepared for the extreme, fast, and steep descent due to the fact that the vertical droop that measures 525 feet is the same as that of the Space Needle.

Whether the slopes are summer green and even if there is snow on the ground, you can take a Zipline adventure and see several spectacular views as you descend on the Zipline.

The entire ride time of the heavenly flyer is approximately 80 seconds and propels certain riders on treetops at a speed of 50 miles each hour. Along with a friend, both of you can zip up together as the heavenly flyer Zipline has 2 separate ziplines.

The heavenly flyer zipline is regularly open at 10:00am to 3:00pm during the winter season and is open at 10:30am to 5:00pm during the summer season.

During the winter season, the heavenly flyer ziplines is at its most convenient peak as other types of activity are also offered to its visitors such as the snow biking, snow sledding, tubing, snowshoeing, and the cross-country skiing.

During the summer season, you can take a hike on the trails and thread the resort, wall climbing, and or just simply take a zipline adventure on 25 feet high. The sightseeing tickets and the lift tickets are separately sold and require its visitors to take the Heavenly gondola and as well as the tamarack express chairlift to be at the launching pad of the zipline.

Zipline adventures are currently getting more and more popular as time passes by due to the fact that it offer its rider with the extreme feeling of mixed excitement, thrill, and anticipation.

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